Dr. Willie Gregory

Transformational - Servant

Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Willie entered the US Army after high school. It was here that the values of duty, honor, and brotherhood (sisterhood) gave root. Internalizing and expanding on this principle, Willie embraced these bonds from a humanistic perspective and began to strategize change… Upon finishing his tour of duty in the Military and returning home to Chicago, he realized he had outgrown his surroundings & embraced the need for a geographic move. Willie then ventured to the Pacific NW, entered the Workforce Development Industry, and effectively served for the next 20+ years in 3 different state governments. Service that culminated defined, work experiences as a direct result of what traditionally others view as failure (on-ramps to humility). While on this journey, it became apparent to him that the system (workforce development industry) was not a viable option because it failed to meet the economic needs of constituents as originally designed. Desiring to be part of the solution, Willie achieved the ultimate, academic measurement of excellence via his Doctoral Degree in Transformational Leadership (Bakke Graduate University) in June 2019 (1st tier). In November 2022, aXcess incorporated gave birth as a 501c3 (2nd tier) and the work of optimal customer service from a faith-based perspective – began.

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Achkei Wilson
(Vice President)


Achkei (pronounced “HK") Wilson, a native of New Orleans, La., raised in Detroit Mi was introduced to mime in 2008 when he was serving in church and noticed an all-female mime troupe come on stage. He stopped serving momentarily to watch this newly introduced ministry. When the mime team completed their presentation, HK went to the leader and asked, “How come there aren’t any brothers up there?” The leader quickly replied, “Because we’re waiting on you”. It was then that HK realized God was calling him to minister His word through mime. Teacher HK has ministered throughout Chicago, parts of Indiana and across the country. Through his obedience to the calling of the ministry, he met his mentor from North Carolina, in 2013. HK followed the teachings of his mentor and heard the word of God through those teachings that gave him a better understanding of what God’s Mime Ministry is meant to be used for. In 2014, HK enrolled in the first ever Eagles International Mime Institute (EIMI), a subsidiary of Eagles International Training Institute (EITI). He would go on to graduate in the Alpha Class of 2015 and licensed as a teacher to teach the Biblical principles of mime in The Eagles Network (TEN) Illinois – Northwest and Southwest division. HK is an alum of Joliet Junior College earning an associate degree in Business with high honors. He is also an alum of Lewis University earning a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership with high honors and continuing his education toward a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies at Wheaton College. HK has serves under the covering of Sr. Pastor Tim Bailey, Living Purpose Church, Aurora, IL. In 2012, HK birthed Jericho Whalls Mime Ministry, which is currently under the name Jericho Whalls Ministries. HK has been married for 38 years to Velinda Wilson and they have four children; Anthony, Antoine, Adonis, and Asha, six grandchildren; Leila, Landon, Brielle, Logic, Tarah, and Lilian. HK served in the United States Army for twenty years and retired honorably. He enjoys writing, watching movies in his man cave, and serving the Lord.