About Us


"Change We Can Believe In"
Passion Identification & Transportation Ministry

WE BELIVE - that we are all entitled to maximize our abilities for economic gain. A feat that can be best accomplished when we internalize the fact that we are all salespersons & the product is US...

Passion Identification (soft skills) & Transportation (reliable) Services are the chosen mediums that aXcess provides support for. These lines of Ministry are intentional, because based on experience - maintaining viable Communication Skills and Cost Effective-Transportation is essential for job seekers seeking employment (entrepreneur training), employees maintaining employment and employers building their tenured teams.

aXcess has discovered and vetted a process for economic stability driven by the existing user's motivations...

Our Mission

To build onramps of transformative change in the workforce.

Our Vision

Living as a conduit of change, strive to model AGAPE Love to a world driven by social influence.