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"Change We Can Believe In"
Surrounding - Employment & Transportation Services

Dr. Willie Gregory founded aXcess incorporated in November 2022 after over a decade of employment within 3 - State Government Sectors. Upon leaving the Military with an Honorable Discharge, Dr. Gregory sought economic change via a geographic move to the Pacific Northwest (GO HAWKS).

Once he arrived, it was not long before he discovered that advertised (unadvertised) support was a complicated process to access and economic stability was a slippery slope. With a mindset to Improvise, Adapt & Overcome, Dr. Gregory pushed on and as faith would have it - ultimately entered the State Workforce System and began to partner with numerous constituents on their journeys to economic stability. 

Dr. Gregory has since come to believe that in life, whether it be employer to employer, employer to employee or employee to employer - it all comes down to the "RIGHT FIT". When we align ourselves with "like-minded" individuals, we acquire strength via our numbers and change is on the horizon...

Employment (soft skills) & Transportation (reliable) Services are the chosen mediums that aXcess is providing supports for. They were intentionally chosen because based on experience, maintaining viable Employment and Transportation is essential for job seekers seeking employment, employees maintaining employment and employers building their tenured staff.

aXcess has discovered and vetted a process for economic stability driven by the existing user's motivations...

Our Mission

To build onramps of transformative change in the workforce.

Our Vision

Living as a conduit of change, strive to model AGAPE Love to a world driven by social influence.